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Common sense of interior decoration

Common sense of interior decoration

Common sense of interior decoration

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Ⅰ、 Note the following

1. The clapboard of shoe cabinet should not be head, leave a little space so that the ash of shoes can leak to the bottom layer. Light should be installed above the sink and gas stove. When determining the location of the toilet floor drain, you must first think about it and measure the size. The floor drain is best located on one side of the brick. If it is in the middle of the brick, no matter how inclined the brick is, the floor drain will not be the lowest point.

2. No switch is designed for toilet and air conditioner socket. In particular, the toilet electric water heater, with a two-stage switch with a plug-in is appropriate. If you want to turn off the electric heating, it is dangerous to pull out the plug.

3. In the final analysis, it depends on the level of workers. If the level of the plasterer is good, and the tool for grinding tile is better, the practice of grinding 45 degree angle should not be hesitated. From the point of view of the effect, as long as the grinding is good, the practice of grinding 45 degree angle is the most beautiful! If the level of workers is really not good, then you should choose to use the external angle bar, because the effect of the bad 45 degree angle is not as good as that of the external angle bar.

4. It is also very important to test the pressure of the water pipe after drainage. During the test, everyone must be present, and the test time should be at least 30 minutes. If conditions permit, it is better to have an hour. After 10 kg of pressure, the test can pass without any reduction.

5. When plastic steel door, we must calculate the size of the plastic steel door frame protruding from the wall, and inform the installation personnel, so that the final door frame and the wall with porcelain tiles are flat, which is both beautiful and sanitary.

6. The carpenter's door pocket and the plasterer's tile should also be matched. When wrapping the door pocket, we should consider whether the following ground (any side of the ground on both sides of the door) should be pasted with ceramic tiles or other cement mortar leveling matters, because if the door pocket is nailed before the porcelain chip is pasted, it will be wrapped to the ground. When using cement in the future, if the cement and the door pocket are stained, it will lead to the door pocket Water absorption and mildew of wood

7. Under the mattress and mattress must be ventilated. Bed board is generally best with fir board

8. Use paper tape as much as possible for painting

9. Buy Lamps and lanterns should pay attention to: try to choose glass, stainless steel, copper or wooden (shelf) as far as possible, generally don't buy what iron is plated, what other coating, what paint, etc., easy to fade.

10. Use ceramic basin as far as possible, glass basin is difficult to do sanitation

11. Hydropower transformation should be planned by themselves, and they should be required to operate in a straight line. I watched them draw lines by themselves, and they all followed the lines. Each item has to be checked and accepted by itself.

12. Waterproof must be done well, must test water!

13. A lot of verbal agreements in construction have become the gap of being slaughtered at the time of settlement, which must be written in black and white, and the price of increased and decreased items must be clearly asked and written out!

14. If the floor is installed on the ground, the ground should be re plastered with cement layer.

15. Kitchen door, or to decorate the carpenter to do wooden hanging rail door is good.

16. Install as many power plugs as possible in the living room.

17. The bathroom should be partitioned outside the shower. It is not convenient to pull a shower curtain, which is very inconvenient.

18. The material of door and doorframe should choose the material with fine grain.

19. Before installing the cabinet, be sure to make sure that the waterways in your home are OK.

20. Kitchen and bathroom floor tiles must not pick white.

21. Pay special attention to plastering the putty on the ceiling before plastering Dulux

22, the number of light in the living room should not be too many, simple is good, otherwise it looks like a lamp shop!

23. If you want to buy something that needs to be installed, try to ask for the installation of the goods. If you don't want to install it, you must insist on paying the full amount after the installation!

24. During the decoration period, take the business card of the manufacturer you collected before with you

25. The protective film of aluminum gusset plate should be removed before installation.

26. It is better to use shutter door for odor prevention. A socket can be left at the edge of the shoe cabinet to insert shoes for drying.

27. A small lamp can be installed in the cutting place.

28. If it is convenient, the restaurant can also arrange air fans so that the ceiling of the hall will not be dirty when eating hot pot or barbecue.

29. It is better to arrange a cabinet for sundries at the door, which can be placed on the top of the shoe cabinet. Put the commonly used things, such as umbrella, bag, scissors, change, medicine and so on, so it is very convenient.

30. There is no need to use expensive ceiling. If you don't worry about moisture and oil fume, it is recommended to use moisture-proof gypsum board to brush waterproof paint. A guest guard in my house did this, which is very beautiful. If it is necessary to use aluminum gusset plate ceiling, it is recommended that:

1) It's not too expensive.

2) Use net color, especially kitchen ceiling, pure white is very good, color and decoration style unless match, otherwise it is very easy to not coordinate.

3) Make up your own mind. Don't believe in the vision of smallpox sales. Their vision is genuine.

4) They stare at the scene, close the edge is very important, do not let them careless, or leave a black seam, how to see how ugly.

31. On the third day, it is mainly to drill holes and continue to stick porcelain chips. The exhaust holes of range hood and water heater should be drilled in advance. It is not convenient to punch holes after sticking porcelain pieces. Therefore, in the decoration must choose a good range hood, stove and water heater, to determine the size of the hole.

32. Other students must pay attention to the following points when pasting ceramic tiles:

① Better be on the spot.

② Some imperfect tiles can be pasted in some invisible places by workers in the future, such as the back of cabinets, wash basins, mirrors, etc., and pay attention to the tiles, waist tiles, etc. don't be pasted on the above positions by the workers, otherwise you will not see anything in the future, and you will be wronged.

③ Wall tiles, floor tiles in the paste before, soaking time must be enough.

④ Be sure to plug the floor drain with something to prevent the cement from falling down and blocking. The floor drain of my house was blocked because of cement dropping, which made a lot of small mud.

⑤ People on site, workers will not waste too much tiles. My family was not at the scene when I pasted the tiles. Later, I went to see them. Many bricks were wasted. It was heartache. All of them were sweaty rice.

33. The ceiling lamp in the bedroom should be double controlled, one by the door and one by the bedside, so as to avoid lying in bed in winter and turn off the light.

34. Just install one in each corner of the aisle, which is bright and effective.

35. When installing the lamp, the table position was not considered. Now the lamp is not in the middle of the table.

36, toilet tiles do not use too plain, one is easy to dirty, two to a long time too plain!

37. More sockets should be installed, furniture should be bought outside, the floor should be dirt resistant, safety should be considered, and sample rooms should be seen more, and the principle should be adhered to.

38. It's very difficult to find a satisfactory color of floor tiles. I didn't find it. However, the staggered mosaic of two unsatisfied colors can achieve a satisfactory effect by turning a 48 degree angle. This is a good suggestion put forward by the bricklayer himself.

39, on the top of the balcony, if the cabinet is on the back of the cabinet, a waterproof foam board will be added to the cabinet. Balcony cabinet door had better use fireproof board. The balcony environment is bad.

40. If there is no suitable wood line, you may as well make it to order. The quality of the custom-made wood seems to be better than that of the sample. And customized is more personalized.

41. The stainless steel feet used in the bathroom floor cabinet are profiteering. Find some places on the back of the store to buy them. The price is crazy cheap.

42. When installing the door lock, pay attention to wax on the tongue of the lock. It will be too late to wax it if it is damaged. If there is no door stopper, pay attention to prevent the handle from hitting the wall and damaging it.

43. The high floor is very good. I like it. The only thing to remind me is that it may be better to talk to the boss about the price than to talk to the salesperson about the price.

44. Matt paint is more beautiful than highlights.

45. In case of redecoration, the finished putty will be selected instead of talcum powder


Ⅱ、 How to carry out green decoration?

In order to meet the requirements of green indoor environmental protection, attention should be paid to the principles of interior decoration, design scheme, construction procedures, selection of decoration materials and indoor air quality inspection;

1. Indoor decoration and decoration materials in line with national standards should be used as far as possible in decoration, which is the fundamental to reduce the content of harmful substances in indoor air. It mainly refers to paint and plywood. It is suggested that the owner should purchase such materials in the regular building materials supermarket.

2. When choosing furniture, the famous brand furniture produced by regular enterprises should be selected. Families with conditions can leave the newly purchased furniture vacant for a period of time.

3. After decoration, do not live in the room immediately, there should be a certain period of time (three months to open windows for ventilation), so that the harmful substances in the materials volatilize as soon as possible.

4. Choose regular decoration company, key materials as far as possible to purchase brand products.

5. Advocating simple, functional decoration scheme, even if each material is qualified products, are "green", but can not ensure that the final decoration results are "green". Because all kinds of qualified materials emit harmful gases together, if it exceeds the bearing capacity of the room, it will also cause harm to the residents.


Ⅲ、 How to save money on decoration

How to save money by decoration?

People hope to make home life more comfortable, healthier, more environmentally friendly, better and more cost-effective in home decoration. But "saving money" has a lot of knowledge. Where is saving? How to save? One of the purposes of saving money is under the premise of quality assurance and environmental protection. Therefore, "saving money" does not mean reducing the quality of plate and environmental protection.

1. To entrust regular home decoration company decoration. At present, it seems that the price of regular home decoration company is expensive, but in fact, it is cheaper.

2. Looking for guerrilla decoration, the quality is not guaranteed, once there is a quality problem, there is no place to look.

3. Most of the decoration materials used by guerrillas are not up to standard. After a period of time, they have to rework again, which is costly.

4. Regular companies in the design and purchase of materials will have and strength of the supplier cooperation, there are supply contracts, quality assurance, price is affordable.

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