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Be a smart decorator

Be a smart decorator

Be a smart decorator

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The essence of buying is not the essence of selling, which can be said to be a true portrayal of the home decoration industry. In the game with the home decoration company, the owner is often the weak side. Although with the introduction of various laws and regulations, the home decoration industry has gradually become standardized, but there are still many home decoration companies in the market who use the owner's unfamiliar with the decoration to infringe on the interests of the owners.

For many wage earners, buying a house has already spent more than half of their savings, and they are in short supply when it comes to decoration. Therefore, in order to save money, owners often choose to offer lower. In order to grab business, many decoration companies often attract owners with low quotation, and then add various additional projects in the process of decoration, so that the owners have to pay for it again. It is very common that the decoration company began to quote a price of 40000, and the final settlement may be more than 80000. There are many cases of adding items. The normal increase items are put forward by the owners themselves, and more often, it is due to the intentional omission of the decoration company or even the increase caused by the owners.

Ordinary owners are not very familiar with the decoration, so they give the decoration company a lot of opportunities. On the quotation sheet provided by the decoration company, it is very common to "report large items and omit small items". That is, only the most basic construction items are included in the quotation, and the necessary procedures such as wall demolition, hole drilling, partition wall adding, waterproofing and ground leveling are not on the top, and the decoration needs to add more money.

Therefore, when we choose a decoration company, we should not believe the oral commitment and advertising of the decoration company, and be attracted by various promotions and so-called "low prices". We should fully consider the company's brand, comprehensive strength and reputation, and sign a complete decoration contract is the best weapon to safeguard rights. The more detailed the relevant provisions, the better. Don't be afraid of trouble. We should make a smart outfit Xiuren.

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