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About dexuan meeting

"Deyuan club" is a member zone set up by Chengjian Deyuan real estate The website has established a member exclusive information and service platform. It aims to provide high-quality service and timely and accurate house purchasing information for the owners and consumers all over the country and at home and abroad through the fastest and most convenient channel.

Chengjian Deyuan real estate always believes that high-quality life is not only a high-quality house and a harmonious community. We are committed to using rich service means to further enhance the life experience of each owner in chengjiandeyuan real estate.

I hope the society will become better because of our existence!


Ⅰ、Registration notice

1. Any person can register and apply for membership after understanding the rules of association, and become an associate member after being formally approved. Associate members can browse online information through virtual account, make an appointment to register or participate in some community activities. After purchasing the first-hand property of Deyuan real estate, the associate member will become a full member, get a membership card and enjoy corresponding rights and interests;

2. Deyuan club is an individual member system, which implements the principles of voluntary membership and freedom of withdrawal, and can not be transferred or represented by others;

3. Associate members shall abide by the laws and regulations of the state and society;

4. Associate members shall strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the association;

5. Associate members have the right to make suggestions on the organization, operation and management of the society, but have no decision-making power, and have no ownership or recourse over the property of the association;

6. It is voluntary for the applicant to provide true personal data;

7. To apply to become an associate member of Deyuan club, the following conditions must be met:

● at least 18 years old with legal identification

● agree to and comply with this constitution

8. Associate members shall not act against or intend to undermine the social reputation of the society;

9. Associate members voluntarily participate in the activities organized by the society, but they must abide by the activity arrangement and organizational discipline;

10. This code is binding on all associate members of the society;

11. Associate members should keep their personal account number and password in a virtual way. The association will not be responsible for the consequences caused by improper storage of associate members.


Ⅱ、Associate membership interests

1. Associate members can learn about the latest product sales and promotion activities of Deyuan real estate group through the communication platform of Deyuan Association;

2. Associate members can register their intention units online in advance;

3. Associate members can give priority to participating in various activities of associate members held by Deyuan Association;

4. Associate members can give us opinions and suggestions on living environment and sales form;

5. After becoming a full member, associate members can also enjoy more quality services and discounts.


Ⅲ、Membership standard

1. If the association considers that the behavior of an associate member is harmful to or contrary to the interests of the association, and the associate member is subject to legal sanctions of the state, the association has the right to terminate its membership;

2. After the termination of membership, the corresponding rights and interests of associate members will also be terminated;

3. If a prospective member intends to withdraw from the club, a written notice should be submitted to this Council;

4. The association has the right to terminate the operation of the society at any time. After the operation of the association is terminated, all benefits and benefits of associate members will be terminated;

5. In any case, associate members shall not make any claim or demand of any nature against the club, the group and any project of the company due to the termination of operation of the club;

6. The society shall not be liable to any associate member or any other person for any loss, claim, fee, charge or expense of any nature directly or indirectly caused or caused by the membership of an associate member or its association with its membership;

7. Deyuan club has the right to change the articles of association at any time and notify the prospective members in such way as the association thinks fit;

8. Deyuan club has the final right to interpret the articles of association and reserves the right to modify the service terms of this association.



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