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Chengjian Deyuan property

Beijing Chengjian Deyuan property company is a property management company with secondary development qualification under Beijing urban construction group. In order to create a first-class property brand in Mudanjiang, the company is well aware of the concept of "technology first, service oriented" and integrates advanced industry standards into "Deyuan property" and devotes itself to building a mature property service system. Since its establishment, Deyuan property owners have always regarded "sincere service and sincere service for you" as the service spirit throughout the property company, established a diversified service pattern with mutual integration of development enterprises, Community streets and owners' self-service, built a solid and feasible quality system, ensured the continuous improvement of service quality, paid attention to service details and customer feelings, and paid attention to property services and customer feelings Combining the owner autonomy mode, the harmonious home of "science and technology, safety, humanity, kinship and ecology" is fully demonstrated.


Enterprise philosophy: Science and technology, safety, humanity, kinship, ecological technology property

Science and technology take service as the first, service as the owner as the foundation

In the property management, Beijing Chengjian Deyuan property will fully use modern scientific and technological means to manage the property, strengthen security protection, strengthen skills, establish intelligent access control system, perimeter infrared alarm system, electronic patrol system, closed-circuit monitoring system, fire-fighting system, intelligent security management system and other systems. The system is under the unified command and management of the monitoring center. Establish a "three-level network" reverse monitoring linkage system, form a three-level deployment of managers, supervisors and supervisors, and create a reliable intelligent safety network. By using the Internet and property management software, users can apply for repair and help on line, dispatch workers and fill in the implementation status, and establish the function of reminding information without feedback of complaints, so as to ensure the integrity and traceability of repair work.


Ping An Property

Create a safe community and build a harmonious home

"Tianyan" project is another breakthrough measure after the "human eye" project after 24-hour patrol by security guards. An all-round, all-weather technical defense monitoring system has been established. At present, 140 cameras, 90 fixed-point cameras, 15 moving point cameras, and 35 hemispherical cameras have been installed. The 24-hour monitoring system is implemented at the key entrances and exits. The video data can be saved for 10 days and the video data can be saved for one month, so that there is no blind spot in the technical defense monitoring of the community. There is an alarm telephone in the community, which can be kept on 24 hours Through the organic combination of fixed-point monitoring and moving point monitoring, there is no dead corner in the community monitoring.

In terms of "material defense" construction, the key entrances and exits are equipped with order maintenance room, intelligent access control system, electronic patrol system, fire alarm system, etc.; a voluntary fire organization is established, equipped with a number of battery patrol vehicles and fire motorcycle patrol vehicles to continuously patrol the "necessary patrol points" and "fire safety necessary points" in the park, so as to deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

Through organizing community residents to conduct fire drills and fire propaganda and knowledge popularization lectures and other forms, the residents' safety awareness is enhanced, and the fire hazards are effectively eliminated.


Cultural property

Blooming cultural charm and constructing large scale humanistic community

Beijing Chengjian Deyuan property always adheres to the service principle of "science and technology first, service based on the owner", adheres to the development goal of "learning with the owners, making progress together, and building a rapidly changing family". It uses the forward-looking property service concept to create community culture and provide more learning opportunities and communication space for owners. In order to actively respond to the government's "party building" publicity work, Beijing Chengjian Deyuan property has set up a party building group in the community, set up a party member activity room in the property office area, improve the personnel setting of the party building group, and manage the party members' organizational construction, Party building activities, Party member training, Party building publicity and other work in the community; Regularly organize party members in the community to carry out party building activities, through exchange and learning, play the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members, and promote community harmony and stability.

In terms of culture and entertainment, it reflects the high-grade feeling in the high-grade residential area, establishes the elderly Art Troupe, community Yangko team, elderly health exercise, table tennis team, elderly model team, elderly chorus, etc., regularly carries out rich and colorful community cultural activities, publishes community journals, creates a warm and harmonious community atmosphere for the owners, and enables the owners to enjoy the most noble service Strive to create humanistic property.

In order to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of the elderly in the community, so that retired residents in the community can learn and enjoy themselves. Beijing Chengjian Deyuan Property Co., Ltd. actively responded to the government's call to set up universities for the elderly and children's guidance classes in the community. Four interest classes, including dance class, chorus class, Taiji class and health exercise class, are set up in the University for the aged. All the teachers in the university are supported by retired teachers or the elderly with special skills. Here, the old people can make new friends and find the pleasure of old age life;

Children's guidance class: paying attention to culture and education is one of the corporate cultures that have been running through Beijing urban construction people. As a subsidiary of Beijing Chengjian Deyuan Property Co., Ltd., children's compulsory early education English class is set up in the community. It mainly employs compulsory educators in the community to provide English guidance and teaching for preschool children aged 2-6 years old in the community, so as to shorten the neighborhood distance and increase friendship At the same time, it also solves the problem of pre-school education for community families, and implements normal management to make it an important part of community cultural activities.


Family property

Sincere service, warm feelings, build a big family of urban construction

The introduction of "sunflower" smile service mode, adhering to the service connotation of "pursuit, smile, team, vitality", provides high-quality service products for owners. Through a variety of fitness equipment, personalized entertainment facilities and warm layout decoration, the owners can enjoy a wonderful and comfortable living atmosphere. Organize the owner's Tourism Festival, xiangzong Festival, snow football match, interesting sports meeting, bonfire party, snowman competition, sharing Baijia banquet, welcoming the Mid Autumn Festival, mahjong competition, karaoke competition and other community cultural activities, advocating sincere communication between neighbors, narrowing the distance between neighbors, enriching the owner's amateur cultural life, enhancing communication, reducing contradictions and conflicts, and fighting Building livable community to promote the construction of harmonious community.


Ecological property enjoy green and healthy life, build a comfortable ecological home

High quality planning, only for daily life, whether it's tea or walking It is not only the owner of the community, but also a model of life etiquette for the city. It's like living in a park and enjoying the natural atmosphere brought by nature all the time. Here, we can find a corner to enjoy the nature quietly when we are tired. We can also slow down the pace of life for a while, let the time and life break away from the busyness of daily life and become a short-term spiritual hermit. Then, back to the crowd, continue to struggle


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